Summer is here and exams are finally over!!! (By the time of the event anyway.)
This would be the last social event we would be having before we break for the summer holidays and the Final Year students would be graduating soon after.
It would be a fantastic time for everyone to mingle, have fun, and EAT!

Event Page: Click HERE! 🙂

Please RSVP by contacting and paying our Social Secretaries and Treasurer by 4th June 2013. They are:
1) Joey Lee 07583391939
2) Ching Xin Yan 07784367042
3) Yap Zhen Hong 07446836889

Final Year Students: 1 Pound
Members: 5 Pounds

Merely clicking “attending or maybe” won’t give you any food.

Food would be halal and vegetarians won’t have to worry because we have a vegetarian in our committee!

Meanwhile, all the best for the upcoming exams and deadlines.