Autumn has officially began now~ I’m sure you’ve noticed the leaves slowly piling up beside the road or pavements 😉 This is one of the best thing studying in the UK/overseas… you get to experience all four seasons!

I would like to highlight a few things in this post….

Firstly, I am sure (and I hope) all of you are aware that MASSOC is going for the Nottingham Malaysian Games 2012 on the 10th of November! We will be travelling there together via bus (details of time, price and place to meet will be posted later). For those who are interested, this is the link to the event page~

and do check out the main event page too:

and for your information, we already have confirmed participants for football (1 team), frisbee (2 teams), badminton (1 double team) and basketball (1 team) scrabble (1 participant).

So come on down and cheer for your friends! GO SHEFFIELD!

That’s number ONE.

Secondly, and this is an IMPORTANT one:

MASSOC Committee now has an open post — Welfare Officer.
We will be conducting an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) soon for this post and basically the main duties of a Welfare Officer are organising day trips, volunteering events and also our annual MASSOC trip.

It does sound like pretty heavy work but rest assured that the whole committee will be there to help each other out 😉 and benefits… you get to nominate which place or country you want to visit and organise it however you want it to be~ (provided it is in everyone’s welfare)

So for those who have a knack or are interested in organising trips and events, or has any idea who might be interested… nominations will be opening soon so don’t hesitate to nominate yourself or your friend. 🙂

That’s number TWO.

Thirdly, MASSOC has added a few new stuff :

1. Cooking Lovers Album

Click the picture to go to the album

Share your dishes and recipes and get to learn new ones! Don’t be shy to do so 😉  You will be surprised at how many ‘chefs’ we have in MASSOC actually~

So go to our group, click ‘photos’ and the Cooking Lovers’ Album will be there waiting~ Let’s all make this album the BEST cooking album we’ve ever seen!

2. MASSOC & SingSOC Bazaar Sale

Got something like a furniture… a book… clothes or stationery that you want to sell but not sure how to? Well, MASSOC and SingSOC proudly bring to you…

Click the picture to go to the group

To all seniors who are looking for a place to sell their items, now you have it~
and juniors who are looking to buy cheaper secondhand stuff…. there you go~

Lastly, we hope you will stay tuned to our coming socials and events 😉
We have quite a few socials in store for you along the year so we do hope you turn on your notifications for the MASSOC group.

We hope you are having a great time so far in Sheffield 🙂 Better start shopping for thicker clothing, ’cause winter in the UK is COLD.