Ever noticed lately that the moon is bright and round? 🙂 Well, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it’s Mid-Autumn now and being from Malaysia and Singapore, most of us will know that in Chinese tradition, we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 (Zhong Qiu Jie) or literally translated as Mooncake Festival.

There were many legends surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival…

There is the famous legend where this is the time that the Sun God, Hou-yi visits his beautiful Chang-e, the Moon Goddess, which is the reason why the moon shines the brightest and the roundest at this time…

There is also a story where the Jade Rabbit of the heaven, which resides on the moon pounds medicine, together with the lady, Chang’e, for the gods. Others say that the Jade Rabbit is a shape, assumed by Chang’e herself. The dark areas to the top of the full moon may be construed as the figure of a rabbit. The animal’s ears point to the upper right, while at the left are two large circular areas, representing its head and body~

However it was thousand years ago, the Mid-Autumn Festival/Mooncake Festival today represents family and lovers reunion, this is a chance where people get together.

Hence, MASSOC will be organizing a Mooncake Festival gathering this Saturday 🙂 Who says we can’t celebrate our culture in foreign grounds? 😉

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We will start of with a dinner together first (details about the dinner will be posted later) and then we will head to Western Park for a stroll in the dark with lanterns 🙂 (provided! but on a first-come-first-serve basis). We will also be setting sky lanterns off to the sky! There will also be mooncakes served 🙂 

So, come on down and have fun! Get together and celebrate this beautiful culture 🙂