To all freshers who came for the walkabout, we thank you for your participation and hope that you’ve learned from it 🙂

Honestly speaking, we have a really punctual bunch of freshers this year compared to last year’s 😛 At 10am, almost everyone was waiting in front of the IC and ready to go.


The weather played a little trick on us at the beginning, we had a little fear that we were going to walk in the drizzle but we were lucky 🙂


A total of 10 freshers and 7 freshers took part in this walkabout. The whole walkabout focused mainly on shopping places for cheap oriental ingredients. Our first stop was Castle Market, we had a nice stroll through the City Centre, seniors and freshers chatting about, getting to know each other and making new friends.



As posted earlier, the walkabout aims to take freshers to 3 main places which are

  • Castle Market
  • The Moor
  • KH Trading

Our 1st destination: Castle Market


A 15 minutes or so was spent browsing the market and shopping for ingredients. Fact of the day: the seniors are more of a shopper than the juniors



After half-loading our shopping bags, we left for our next destination — The Moor, and visited Peace Gardens along the way and took a walk in the Green House ^^~

Although the walk was not short, we were all fairly entertained by our Alex Tay, a great guide for the day~

We did not stay long at the Moor, instead we hastened up for KH Trading, which I’d say was the main attraction of the walkabout. Along the way, we visited Tai Sun, another oriental store… smaller but more convenient.

Once at KH Trading, everyone seize their chances to shop for their favourite sauce, noodles, frozen Chinese food, curry etc. Almost everyone has a bog in their hand when we left KH. It was afternoon when the major shopping spree was over and it was time for lunch (@ Mandar-Inn)!


All in all, it was a good day. We said our goodbyes and see-you-soon after lunch. Heading home when it just started to drizzle… again, we were lucky 😉