It’s been a week since lectures start

For freshers, we hope that you are starting to settle down, adjusting to the new lifestyle and weather

and as for seniors, we hope that you have a good week so far, before the workload starts to set in officially πŸ˜›

To all freshers (and seniors), we hope that you are aware that we are going to have a walkabout tomorrow ^.^

Those who are coming, please meet in front of the Information Commons at 10am!

We will bring you to places like…

  • The Moor
    • where you can find the everything-Β£1-shop — Poundland
    • and some other home and kitchen stuff (you will be surprised to find some stuff cheaper than those at the City Centre)
  • Castle Market
    • As the name suggests, it is a cheap vegetables and meat market πŸ™‚
    • You will also get to know the locations of other supermarkets like Wilkinson, BnM
  • KH Trading
    • ALERT!!! This is the place where you get to buy home ingredients like Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce, Curry Powder etc etc… and since this is a wholesaler shop, everything is cheaper!

SO come on down! Between 12 to 2pm, we will all head for lunch together at wherever places you all want πŸ™‚