I am sure all of you are quite excited about starting a new life in Sheffield~

The most fun and exciting period for freshers are none other than the Freshers’ Week. All the activities during that whole week are catered especially for you freshers to meet new people, join societies and to get a great kick-start into university. Moreover, it’s the week where you get to settle down and adjust to being so far away from home before lectures starts.

For those who will be arriving before 15th, some of us seniors who are already in Sheffield are going to have a shopping spree together~ (Click the image to go to the event page)

Besides that, here is something IMPORTANT that all of you, who are reading this post should do:

Visit our booth at Activities Fair and join MASSOC for more great fun and stuff and to meet more fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans!! (Click the image to go to the event page)

Come to our booth to know more about our society 😉 and we seniors are also excited to meet new faces!

Hope to see you there!!! 😀