Hi Malaysians!

Have you all heard of Teach for Malaysia?

The Teach For Malaysia Fellowship is a highly selective, challenging and rewarding two-year graduate careers programme focused on addressing education inequity in Malaysia through the efforts of outstanding youth leaders.

We invite applications from exceptional Malaysian students who want to join this exciting mission and begin their career driving real impact and long-term change. Teach For Malaysia Fellows will teach in high-need primary and secondary schools in Malaysia, and will directly impact the lives of children in high-need communities while understanding what it takes to solve education inequity. After the two years, Fellows will join an influential national and global alumni platform, becoming leaders in a wide variety of fields to expand education opportunity for all children in Malaysia.

The next deadline to submit your application is now barely two weeks away! Applications are due at 11:59pm (GMT+8:00) on Monday, 13th February 2012. Applicants from the UK are advised to submit their application as soon as possible, in order to undergo the final round of assessment in London when the Teach For Malaysia Team visits for the UKEC GRADUAN Careers Fair in March/April 2012!

If you require more information:
Teach for Malaysia Website
Facebook Link 
Twitter Link

If you have further questions regarding the programme or your application, please do not hesitate to email sri.rao@teachformalaysia.org ornawar.najeeb@teachformalaysia.org. We are more than happy to schedule a call to speak to you about the Fellowship!

Teach For Malaysia Recruitment Team

p/s You could also contact Alyson through Facebook or email (alyson_lml23@yahoo.com) if you prefer to hear about it from a fellow Sheffield student. She’s more than happy to tell you more about TFM!